Bonnie’s Premium Animal Bedding

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Product Description

Bonnie’s Premium Animal Bedding is the BEST indoor bedding material for your animals, both large and small.


Bonnie’s Premium Animal Bedding has been developed based on extensive research from the UK and proven European technology.


  • Made from naturally air-dried, recycled timber
  • Less than 20% moisture – installed dry, stays dry
  • Shredded to a particle size that achieves an aerated bedding surface
  • Guaranteed quality and year-round supply


Bonnie’s Premium Animal Bedding is purpose manufactured from recycled timber with a low moisture content. The particle size chosen achieves an aerated bedding surface which creates an induced vacuum when installed to a recommended depth of 300mm or greater.


This vacuum has a drying effect on wet litter deposited on the working surface. The dried animal litter then becomes a heat generator, with the heat generated having a direct bearing reducing loss of animal body heat.


Bedding with a self-heating factor has a positive bearing on feed efficiency ensuring improved conversion factors along with better animal condition and comfort.